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The Cajun Twelve Days of Christmas

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Of course, New Orleans is known for it's delicious sweet treats (obviously, we are talking about our delicious New Orleans Famous Pralines), but it's also known for it's music. It just so happens we have an American holiday that lives through the tradition of sweet treats and music. Here is our New Orleans Famous Praline Co. spin on that classic song about receiving a bunch of exotic gifts. 


On dem twelveth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Twelve pecan shells,
Eleven shrimp po'boys,
Ten pirogue paddles,
Nine oysters stewin',
Eight crabs a brewin',
Seven fleur de lis,
Six pecan pralines,
Five poules d'eau,
Four pousse cafe', Three stuffed shrimp,
Two voodoo dolls,
And a crawfish in a fig tree.

I do not know about you guys, but that is making crave a pousse cafe with a Creamy New Orleans Famous Praline... or maybe Crunchy? or maybe Creamy AND Crunchy? Why not treat yourself... myself. Just me. I want all of the Pralines. ME! 

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