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American, European, and Belgian Pralines // What's the Difference?


The Praline originated in France, and has since evolved into three different varieties...


The European Praline is specific to its origin. The cook of Marshal du Pleases-Praslin created the praline consisting of caramelized sugar and almonds at the Chateau of Vaux-le-Vicomte. The sheets of almonds and caramelized sugar sugar are often ground into a powder and added to French chocolates and pastries as either a coating or filling. Popular treats include, Praline Tarts and Pink Pralines.


The Belgian Praline is basically a soft-centered chocolate. It can refer to chocolates similar to the French Praline, with an almond, caramelized sugar filling, or any filling which may include marzipan, cherry, liquors, etc. An American equivalent would be a Whitman's sampler.

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The American Praline evolved from the original French Praline. When the French settlers came to Louisiana, they switched the almonds to pecans, as pecan trees were abundant in the Louisiana Territory. They also added cream to the recipe, because that is just what Americans do. The American praline resembles a chewy cookie. At the New Orleans Praline company we supply you with the best pralines, including the Classic Praline and the Creamy Praline. The Creamy Praline comes with option of the Original Praline and the Chocolate Praline. 

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