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What's that Word Again? Ah yes, pecan!

PECANS:The only tree nut that grows naturally in North America, the pecan is considered one of the most valuable North American nut species. The name “pecan” is a Native American word of Algonquin origin that was used to describe “all nuts requiring a stone to crack.”Needless to say, we crack them before we fill our [...]

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Praline Tradition!

That Ol' Louisiana TraditionWhile sugar cookies may be a Christmas tradition in some homes, or the building of gingerbread houses, many native Louisianans have a different tradition for the sweet treats that they will be making for their holiday festivities; and that is the praline. Pralines are a type of candy that is made from [...]

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Hot Town, Summer in the City

SUMMER IN THE CITYby Lovin' SpoonfulHot town, summer in the cityBack of my neck getting dirty and grittyBeen down, isn't it a pityDoesn't seem to be a shadow in the cityAll around, people looking half deadWalking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match headBut at night it's a different worldGo out and find a girlCome-on [...]

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Father's Day in New Orleans

Whether it's Fathers' Day or Mothers' Day, every family has a special tradition to show their appreciation. For my family, it's an annual trip to New Orleans! The kids are finally out of school and the weather is gorgeous. We always choose a different place to stay in the French Quarter, and the family has [...]

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Memorial Day Weekend

MEMORIAL DAY IN THE FRENCH QUARTERNew Orleans is a popular destination for those looking to get away for their Memorial Day weekend. Visitors traipse around the French Quarter, drink Bourbon on Bourbon St, visit a Voodoo Queen, and stuff their faces with pralines! New Orleans Famous Pralines are well... FAMOUS. We have the best caramelized treat, [...]

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Que Sera, Pecan

We have the perfect Mother's Day gift for your perfect mothers. Give her a treat as sweet as she! Order a box of Classic New Orleans Famous Pralines for your Classy mom! Or order a dox of Creamy New Orleans Famous Pralines, because she is the cream of the crop!        QUE SERA, PECANWhen [...]

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A Sweet-car Named Desire

"Don't you just love those long rainy afternoons in New Orleans when an hour isn't an hour--but a little piece of eternity dropped in your hands--and who knows what to do with it?"- from A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE by Tennessee Williams PHOTO SOURCE: New Orleans Advocatehttp://www.theneworleansadvocate.com/entertainment...How do you like to enjoy your pralines? In the sunshine [...]

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French Quarter Festival 2016

Exciting things are happening here in New Orleans! French Quarter Festival is happening this very weekend! April 7th-10th. There will be parades, great music line-ups, brass bands, jazz, po'boys, and don't forget to seek out our New Orleans Famous Pralines! Nothing makes us jump for joy more than our melt-in-your mouth pecan candy!Pralines are the perfect New [...]

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I Want Candy

In case you needed some convincing as to what to bring back for your family, co-workers, and friends, we have prepared a serenade for you!I WANT PRALINESI know a treat that's tough but sweetIt's so fine, it can't be beatIt's got everything that I desireSets the summer sun on fireI want (New Orleans Famous) pralinesI [...]

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How to Make Praline Pecans in Your Crockpot

SLOW-COOKER PECAN PRALINESWhat is more southern than a pecan dessert that you make in your crockpot? Answer: Nothing. Today, we at New Orleans Famous Praline Company are going to share a recipe for Crock Pot Praline Pecans. So dust off that slow-cooker, because we have got a jazzy, sweet recipe just for you!INGREDIENTS4 cups pecans1 [...]

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